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Highland Musikarchiv - Privacy and data protection
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Privacy Notice

Protection of your data at BeschallungPRO by Highland Musikarchiv
Highland Musikarchiv takes the protection of your data very serious and acts according to legal data protection regulations/legislation. In the following you find information concerning frequently asked questions in this context. If you do not find answers to your individual questions, please contact us.

Utilisation of web pages by Highland Musikarchiv
Highland Musikarchiv collects and stores information in server log files, provided by your internet browser while visiting our web pages. This traffic data are - amongst others - IP-address browser type, -version and -number, operating system and platform of the visitor, order of pages accessed, incl. dateand time in non-personalised identifiable way, receipt and read confirmation for e-mails, logins, e-mail addresses, passwords for usage of offered services. Additional to defence against threats (e.g. hacks, spam) this data collection and storage is used for statistical analyses and improvement of the services offered. No consolidation of the collected/stored data with other data-sets is conducted.

Highland Musikarchiv abstains as far as possible from the application of cookies (small text files that are stored on your computer for use by your internet browser). As far as the use of cookies is without alternative to achieve certain technical improvements/functionalities, we reserve the right to apply session cookies that will automatically be deleted at the end of your browser session. By accessing and using web sites provided by Highland Musikarchiv, you accept and agree to the colletcion and storage of data by Highland Musikarchiv as outlined before.

Customer registration, online purchase and newsletter(s)
On web pages of Highland Musikarchiv you may register as customer (account creation), order/purchase online and/or subscribe to newsletters. By making use of such offers/services individual related data (e.g. name, address, e-mail,) will be collected and stored. This data will solely be used by Highland Musikarchiv for personalisation and/or implementation of your orders/requests. Highland Musikarchiv will not provide this data to 3rd parties (e.g. address sale/exchange) for any other reasons, except for order processing (e.g. handover of address-labelled items to postal service providers, handover of personal and account data to financial service providers in case of debit orders or solvency checks). Please also refer to "3rd Parties" below.
In case of newsletter subscriptions you may at any time cancel your subscription either by using the according link on the subscription page or in the newsletter, by e-mail to, by classic mail (Highland Musikarchiv, Keplerstr. 6, 34223 Fuldatal, Germany) or by fax (++49 (0)56607-9 34 10 69).

Your rights
You may - at any time - request information on your personal data stored by Highland Musikarchiv, its source and the reason for the storage. Furthermore you have the right - at any time - to request deletion respectively the blocking of your personal data stored by Highland Musikarchiv. Please send your request by e-mail (, classic mail (Highland Musikarchiv, Keplerstr. 6, 34223 Fuldatal, Germany) or by fax ( ++49 (0)56607-9 34 10 69).

3rd Parties
Data collected and stored by us will not be sold to 3rd parties. Data may be provided to 3rd parties solely in the following context:

Service providers
We may authorise other companies or individuals with provision of services. Examples are, amongst others, services in context of shipment of  letters/parcels or e-mail as well as the execution of financial transactions (e.g. cc or debit payments). Mandated service providers have access to personal data necessary to execute the services. Any further/other use of these data by the service providers is prohibited. Furthermore, service providers assigned by Highland Musikarchiv must ensure that data provided by Highland Musikarchiv is handled according to German data protection regulations/legislation.

Obligatory data transfer, protection of 3rd parties
We will disclose personal data collected and stored by us if we are required to do so by law or if indispensable in context of protection of our or 3rd party rights, e.g. criminal or civil legal proceedings or any other justified court process.

Fuldatal, January 2012