What do you use ROYALTYfree music for?
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Prices in € - effective from 19.04.2002

Amateurs / Hobby



Prices for non-commercial use (incl. VAT)

each CD/DVD € 27,90

Take advantage of our quantity discounts:

from 3 CDs/DVDs per order: each € CD/DVD 26,90
4-9 CDs/DVDs per order: each € CD/DVD 25,50
10-29 CDs/DVDs per order: each € CD/DVD 23,50
30+ CDs/DVDs per order: each € CD/DVD 21,90


Clients with a subscription pay a discounted price of € 25,50 for each CD/DVD (1, 2 or 3-item -orders).

We charge p&p flat rate of 2,50 Euro (Germany), respectively 4,00 Euro (European foreign countries) and 8,00 Euro (non-European countries) per delivery.

Orders exceeding the values of 125,00 Euro (Germany/Europe), respectively 250,00 Euro (non-European countries) are delivered free of p&p charge.


Prices for commercial use (excluding VAT!)

In context of commercial licences purchase, we gladly provide original CDs/DVDs as non-binding sample for your project preparation. If interested, please contact us.

Classical ROYALTYfree licence

Time wise unlimited title- or CD/DVD-licence offers you a licence model that not only suits your needs for the current production but furthermore entitles you to use the licensed music in any future production, without further payments or notifications.

Single title (incl. all existing variants, e.g. Jingles, Talkover...): 

Per title € 75,-

CD / Double-CD / DVD licence

All series except "BEST OF...":

Per CD/Double-CD/DVD € 199,-
Take advantage of our quantity discounts:

3/4 CDs/DVDs per order: each CD/DVD € 170,-
5-9 CDs/DVDs per order: each CD/DVD € 150,-
10-19 CDs/DVDs per order: each CD/DVD € 138,-
20+ CDs/DVDs per order: each CD/DVD € 125,-


"Best of..." Serie:

BEST OF...Series: per CD/DVD €  230,-
(no quantity discounts available)


The complete Highland Musikarchiv archive - instantly! 

Everything. Always. Instantly.
The complete archive with unlimited access!
All new releases immediately at hand!
Licenced rights for the use of our music for all productions finalised during the subscription period remain in force even after termination of the subscription.

Professional Subscription:

Access to complete archive/all titles
Costs per month € 60,- (minimum duration 2 years)

Licence alternative for productions with larger music requirements


As an alternative to the (time wise unlimited) title- or CD/DVD-licence, the licence model ProductionFlatrate allows to limit the costs for music rights. ProductionFlatrate allows to use as much music from Highland Musikarchiv as needed for a single production, always priced only € 300,00.
Please note that the advantage of standard title- or CD/DVD-licence (time wise unlimited -  entitling to use licensed music also in future productions) is not included in the ProductionFlatrate.

ProductionFlatrate: bound to specific production, not to customer/person as above: € 300,-

No p&p charged for orders delivered within Europe. P&p rates to other countries available on request.

Special rates available for purchasing the complete archive. Please contact us for more details.

For use of Highland Musikarchiv titles in public addressing/acoustic systems and/or employment in telco systems etc. please check here.