What do you use ROYALTYfree music for?
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You are looking Royalty Free / AKMfreie / SUISAfreie sound and music for telephone systems?


Convenient one-time payment (from EUR 38,00 net per CD!) instead continuous monthly payments facilitate your calculations. Take advantage of our rebate scheme with 30% (and more) discount per CD/order.

Please visit our dedicated website

Many music series on different topics for all your needs. The "Ready-to-use" compilations contain only the main title without jingles, talk over or instrumental variations (as included on the CDs / DVDs from our standard range for av-dubbing) and can be used instantly. offers you extensive information, the entire samples for each CD and you can easily order via the integrated web shop. You can choose between classic mailing of the audio CD(s) or the direct download in MP3 format.

The license to legally secure defense against unjustified claims GEMA can be found in every case by mail.

Interested? Check out the sound samples in each categorie/series and get your own impression: powered by Highland Musikarchiv.


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