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Please note: Currently KlangKompass is only available in German language version. An English language version will follow soon. Until released, please use the online “Music search” feature on this website which covers corresponding search features.


Transfer of personal comments from the former "Titeldatenbank"

All users who have previously worked with our "Titeldatenbank" software and saved own comments on individual titles can import the comments into the new "KlangKompass" software.

"Titeldatenbank" is installed on your computer.
"KlangKompass" is installed on your computer. (No comments should be inserted here)

  • Download and save the file Kommentartransfer.zip on your computer. (right click, "Save Link As ...").
  • Unzip the zip file in any directory.
  • Start the contained program "Kommentare auslesen". (it reads the comments from the old "Titeldatenbank"). Quit this program. 
  • Start the the program "Kommentare eintragen". This  writes the comments into the "KlangKompass. 
Now restart the "KlangKompass". Your old comments are now displayed in the corresponding titles.