What do you use ROYALTYfree music for?
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ROYALTYfree (GEMAfree/AKMfree/SUISAfree...)
Release certificates show legal proof of origin of the music.


Rights of use and stage rights are included in the licence
No further sync fees/mechanical and/or performance royalties are charged after the one-time licensing.


All from one source
Minimal administrative burden - maximum benefit.


Instead of record company, publisher, authors' society (GEMA/AKM/SUISA etc.)...


Favorable prices compared to music from members of authors' societies (e.g. GEMA/AKM/SUISA). Separate pricing for commercial and non-commercial use.


All titles are produced in studio quality


Online search with almost 3.200 samples


Each title extensively documented
Instruments, music character, applications recommendations...


The repertoire comprises of many divers styles


Title length ranges from 1 sec up to 12 min


Numerous arrangements include original instruments


Numerous solo instruments


Comfortable on-line ordering (plus telephone support and advice)


Simple payment by invoice


Subscriptions available
For your convenience: Highland Musikarchiv's subscriptions ensure you won't miss any new releases at special prices (compared to individual purchases).


Up to date
Highland Musikarchiv's repertoire is continuously updated and extended.